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Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Due to Ayurveda our system needs to be cleansed with the seasons by a monodiet: Kitchari curry

  • 10 hours
  • Da Costastraat

Virtual (online) Yoga Classes

To feel like new we need a cleanse. This time (in Spring) when the seasons changing from winter to spring, it is a great way to give a good cleanse to the system. In the Ayurveda we do this with a monodiet (you just eat Kitchari curry for days for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's it) Benefits from doing this cleanse for at least 4 days: - Cleansing the intestines - Create more energy - Strengthen your digestive tract - Get rid of cravings - Create a better sleep cycle - Support enthusiasm for life - It helps loosing excessive weight and balancing your weight - Improves the immune system - Get rid of toxics (ama) in the body - Transform your diet to a balanced diet I made a booklet and a plan & I will guide you on this ride! PACKAGES Option 1: Kitchari cleanse online booklet to guide you through the cleanse + 1 consult = € 79 Option 2: Kitchari cleanse online booklet + 1 consult + preparation for the cleanse + 1 check in moment during the cleanse + aftercare cleanse = € 129 Option 3: Kitchari cleanse online booklet + 2 consults (1 before and 1 after the cleanse) + preparation for the cleanse + 3 check in moments during the cleanse + aftercare cleanse = € 169 ~ For the sessions you can visit me in Amsterdam Oud West or we can plan online sessions. In Nederlands or English :)

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