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Tuesdays 17,24 Sep + 1,8 Oct 2024, De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam


Ayurveda is profound like an ocean, however we like to call it ‘common sense science’ as its approach to wellness is simple and intuitive.


Week 1: Ayurveda Basics & Rituals
Explore the fundamentals of Ayurveda, including the 5 elements, doshas, and the significance of the 20 gunas. Discover your constitution (vikruti) and learn how Ayurvedic morning and evening rituals provide stability amidst life's uncertainties.


Week 2: Ayurvedic Food & Herbalism
Understand the power of nature in Ayurvedic food and herbalism. Tailor your diet to your unique constitution, supporting digestive health and hormonal balance. Engage in a practical session, creating your own digestion paste.


Week 3: Ayurvedic Skin & Beauty Care

Discover the secrets to caring for your skin and cultivating an inner and outer glow. Identify your skin type, address imbalances, and learn a simple 3-step natural skincare routine. We delve into the significance of Marma points and will engage in a facial marma massage for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

Week 4: Sacred Sensuality & Sexuality in Ayurveda
Delve into Ayurveda's wisdom on sacred sensuality and sexuality, viewing it as a vital force for spiritual growth. Learn to enhance your connection with yourself, boosting ojas for overall well-being. Strengthen relationships, fostering a profound sense of home within your body. Additionally, we'll discuss strategies for understanding and balancing our hormones.


Ayurveda re-awakens the deep knowing that you are true nature. It teaches you to tune into your body and unravel the deeper wisdom of your intuition, your being. To create a deeper relationship with yourself and uncover parts of yourself that are maybe unconsciously were hidden.

During this workshop we will dive into the 5 elements of nature, the doshas, you will find out what your constitution (your vikruti) is and why the 20 gunas (qualities) are so important in Ayurveda and how you can play with opposites to find a balance.

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