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Due to Ayurveda our system needs to be cleansed with the seasons by a monodiet: Kitchari curry

A Y U R V E D I C  S P R I N G  C L E A N S E

To feel like new we need a cleanse. This time (in fall) when the seasons changing, it is a great way to give a good cleanse to the system. In Ayurveda we do this with a monodiet: you just eat Kitchari curry for days for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's it!


B E N E F I T S 
from doing this cleanse for at least 4 days:

- Cleansing the intestines

- Create more energy

- Strengthen your digestive tract

- Get rid of cravings

- Create a better sleep cycle

- Support enthusiasm for life

- It helps loosing excessive weight and balancing your weight - Improves the immune system

- Get rid of toxics (ama) that is stuck in the body

- Transform your diet to a balanced diet


I made a booklet and a plan & I will guide you on this ride!

Option 1: Kitchari cleanse online booklet to guide you through the cleanse + 1 consult = € 79


Option 2: Kitchari cleanse online booklet + 1 consult + preparation for the cleanse + 1 check in moment during the cleanse + aftercare cleanse = € 129


Option 3: Kitchari cleanse online booklet +

2 consults (1 before and 1 after the cleanse) + preparation for the cleanse + 3 check in moments during the cleanse + aftercare cleanse = € 169


~ For the sessions you can visit me in Amsterdam Oud West or we can plan online sessions.


In Nederlands or English

DIY Kitchari cleanse booklet:
You can also do safely the cleanse yourself by just getting the help of my self made online Ayurvedic cleanse booklet. It will help to guide you through your Kitchari cleanse the way that works since years for me the best with Ayurvedic Rituals, Tips, Trics & Lists per dosha.


Let me know if you like to receive this booklet :)

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