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 The Next step for yoga teachers:
& NOW?

20 hrs course after your yoga teacher training.

You finished your yoga teacher training and now you feel like a fish in a deep wide ocean, not really know where to go to. Or you once did your training and you want to have a refreshener / prep yourself more to teach
This is Yoga Teacher next st
ep: & Now?
I will guide you, prepare you & give you more handles so you feel more ready to start teaching or deepen your teachings.
We will come together 4 Monday evenings from 7-10


Why I created this course

Words by main teacher Jolijn

Yoga is booming. Teaching yoga is the most beautiful job.

I was frightened when I just finished my first teacher training. I gained some information, I know more or less how to guide people through a yoga class, but what now?
I had no idea. It did cost me a lot of stress.

I am here for you as a mentor. I will help you to pin point  your unique points, to activate your creativity to create your yoga classes & to find the right places you will start teaching yoga.

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What's included

+   4 evenings of 2,5 hours in the beautiful studio

(option is to book online - to join from home)

+  One on one session

+   Creative sequencing workshop

+  Virtual E-book

+  Ayurvedic end-lunch

Online:  € 199 

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What are the modules

Office Manager

Module ...: How do I put myself out there?
- Where would I like to teach?
- How do I promote myself?
- What is the right attitude?
- How do I create a healthy relationship with earning money for yoga classes?
- Which dream/goal do I have with teaching? How can I make a plan to reach this goal?
- How do I keep teaching interesting for myself and my students?

Module  : Creating your yoga class
- How to theme a yoga class?

- How do I make a fitted playlist?
- How do I create my own authentic yoga class, what is my USP?
- Repetition of yoga teacher traning: yama / niyama’s
- Storytelling: gebruik ik muziek, tekst, creativiteit etc
- Yoga CV maken, hoe?

Module: What is your experience with teaching

- Sharing circles

- We create community

- Waar loop je tegen aan



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Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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