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T H E  E L E M E N T S

Y o g a  &  A y u r v e d a  r e t r e a t

10 - 15 May, 2024 ITALY

T h i s   r e t r e a t  i s   a   t r u e   g i f t   t o   y o u r s e l f

6 days, 5 nights at a beautiful retreat center in Italy

Let's celebrate our lives on this earthy realm. How can we make it (even) more healthy & playful in full awareness?

We will discover this by the magical wisdom powers of Yoga, Ayurveda, Breathwork & Sound healing.

Guided by nature and its elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether.

This retreat is created to dig deeper. To transform. To be together, to fully let go & create space for new pathways.

Personalized and customized for you.

For all levels of experience, especially interesting if you already have some experience with yoga.

Y O U R  P A C K A G E

+   5 nights accommodation at In Sabina in Italy

+   3x a day delicious Ayurvedic dishes by an amazing chef

+   Daily Meditation - Pranayama - Mantra - Vinyasa yoga

+   Workshops and talks about the ancient wisdom & beauty of Ayurveda

+   Circular breathing journey

+   Sound healing journey

+   Yoga workshops: Inversions - arm balances - backbends

+   Sharing circles

+   Yin / Yoga Nidra / Restorative yoga

+   Ayurvedic goodies


 T H I S   R E T R E A T

During this retreat you will get a wonderful blend of Yoga, Ayurveda, Breathwork & Sound healing and still enough time to rest and retreat in nature or the treehouse.

We will have from very gentle and the softest yoga practices till the more intense, challenging & playful classes (think: handstands, arm balances, backbends etc)

You will learn about the foundations of Ayurveda and how to implement daily Ayurvedic rituals to improve your quality of life. We have talks about creating an Ayurvedic diet, implement natural Ayurvedic products more in your skincare routine. We also dive into Ayurvedic herbalism and how to read your own pulse.

We will have circular breathing sessions & Yoga Nidra what can touch deeper layers to heal parts of your being.

The sound healing will bring you to another realm and can also touch you on a deeper body than only the physical.

Expect a transformational week. Healing underneath the sun at a dreamy place to get back to yourself & connect with others.

Y O G A  &  A Y U R V E D A

During this retreat you will get a wonderful blend of yoga practices combined with the knowledge & beauty of Ayurveda, they complement each other perfectly.

We practice yoga to control the mind, so it does not control us. We calm the 'vrittis' (thought waves) to bring us clarity, awareness, flexibility & strength in the body and mind.

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system that's been practiced for over 5000 years (origins in India). It developed through the observation of what all life is created from, the 5 ELEMENTS.
Ayurveda re-awakens the deep knowing that you are true nature. 
 Ayurveda teaches us to live a healthy, happy life, to fully enjoy it by creating awareness around our diet, lifestyle, work and sleep.

We will have plenty of time to dive into this wisdom so that we can return to our intended authentic selves through the magical combination of yoga, ayurveda, pranayama & food for the soul.

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       Y O U R   R O O M


Share with 2 others (3 separate beds): € 899 pp

Share with 1 other person (2 separate beds): € 979 pp

Private room:

Fully booked (email for waitig list)

Bell tent:

Fully booked


Fully booked

A Y U R V E D I C  F O O D

All the food will be prepared in the Ayurvedic way fitting your dosha type (Vata - Pitta - Kapha) We will have 3 times a day a dish prepared by a wonderful Dutch chef.

She will make sure you get the most organic, fresh and local foods filled with prana.

It is possible to cater for vegan or any allergies /intollerances, just let us know

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T H E  V E N U E 

1 hour away from Rome the retreat centre IN SABINA is located, nestled among the Sabina hills.

The magnificent outdoor platform (designed by Marco Antonini) perches on the hillside overlooking the valley and brook below, surrounded by stunning views and the natural splendour of cypresses, olive groves, and walnut trees. 

The local surroundings abound in natural springs, rivers and streams, countryside walks and nature reserves. 


Close to the retreat centre are historical villages to be found, with breathtaking panoramic views.

In May it will be here around 18 - 22 degrees celcius.